Thank you sherdoggers


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Jan 28, 2008
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Just wanted to thank you guys for starting and posting in the thread "Rolling for the tap" I feel after reading that I am learning a lot more. Im realively new to jujitsu but the last couple classes I decided to roll with these goals in mind.

1. Maintain a dominant position
2. Allow myself to get in to various bad spots and practice my escapes and sweeps
3. Continuously work to improve my cardio (little to no stalling)
4. And lastly IF its available look for the submission but only for technique as i obviously have no interest in hurting my teammates.

Point in case, I was rolling with a guy and completing these goals almost all in that order, I allowed him to take my back, remained calm and worked my way out, as we scrambled back up to our knees I used an armdrag and led him to believe my goal was to take his back and pulled off quite a nice rolling arm bar as I could tell he was just trying to defend me from mounting his back.

So I would just like to thank you all again because I feel im going to learn alot more this way rather than going balls out trying to pull off an arm bar , kimura or any other sub.