Thai trunks

The Thaiboxing brand is the cheapest and lowest quality of all of the Muay Thai shorts made in Thailand. They cost about $7usd when bought in Thailand.

But, they will be fine for training. Just don't put them in the dryer.
I have the exact same ones as the pair you posted from ebay. THey are cheap so dont expect them to be fabulous but they are fine. I've had mine over 2 months washing them once a week or so (hang dry) and theres no sign of wear. If you're only going to be using them for stand up, you cant go wrong for the price.
if you just want cheap shorts that have quality. Seller is you know its legit.

$10 US free shipping. They have heaps of those listings. I grabbed 2 for like $24 us including shipping which is pretty crazy

Kombatgear is a good brand..and i have 2 of those shorts...but i sleep in them and don't train in them so not sure about how they'll hold up but im sure they'll be fine. Looks to be of quality.

with thai shorts...its either Nylon or satin. nylon is always cheaper.
whoa those links are awesome thanx guys now im havin a hard time decidin lol.
alright ive decidd im gonna buy from the first link u offerd from the Thailand craft house, im about 5'10 130 lbs. what size should i buy?
Small would be perfect i think.
(S)mall waist appox 24-31 inch.
alright so ur saying get small? and maan those look nice o and great training!
srry lol for the double post dint see what you put. o and i just started muay thai a month ago or so i have a vid if u want look me up my name is shealtiel, just turned 15.
just watched it. Do u live in thailand? nice music

anyways, not too bad. Try to focus on technique..take everything really slowly...practice each thing practice the jab..then the cross...u can put them together later.

kicks, its all in the hips and body. u gotta pivot also.

I'm no expert though, not even close.

practice makes perfect...good luck
aight thanx, srry for gettin off topic in the g&e forum, but im gonna post a new vid soon in the standup forum because that vid is a month old and i believe i got a bit better, and no lol i live in Inverness, FL and like you i have had NO training becuase there are No GYMS in this really small town.
yea...1 month is like nothing. Takes time....even longer self-training. Atleast u've started have a good head start.
alright thanx for the encouragement, all ive gotten was people cuttin me down and crap and sayin get to a gym but my population is like 850 LMAO very small town, butg when i grow up i plan on moving to tampa, or orlando or somethin.
i have actually purchased many items from ganonthai on ebay. the thing is some of the trunks are better quality than the others. i recommend the camo type trunks that he sells.
So would Medium fit me be best? My waist size is 32....I plan on getting some Thai shorts at my local gym.. then some red bull thai trunks..just cause i've always liked the design.

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