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Feb 20, 2008
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so im finally gettin my thai bag and i need ot know which is better a title bag for 99.999 with 40.00 shipping or the combatsports one for 99.99 but with only 30.00 shipping? so how long does synthetic leather last? o and can anybody give me some info on the bags cause ive read around here that some ppl on this forum have one of these bags
Love my TitleMMA Synth Leather MT Heavy Bag.
I do not own the CSI bag, but have several other bags and this is now my favorite.
Does anybody have experience with the fairtex HB6?

I've been given an offer I almost can't refuse...
Does anybody have experience with the fairtex HB6?

I've been given an offer I almost can't refuse...

Chances are if it's Fairtex, it's pretty good. They're listed for $200 - $260, so if you're getting it cheaper than that, jump on it.
I'm getting it for around 100USD used for a year and filled... I'm going to jump on it. i was a bit worried about those nylon strops but I have such a hard time believing that Fairtex would make a banana bag that wasn't sturdy.
Dude, you're lucky to get any Thai bag for $100 filled, let alone Fairtex.

Ya, name isn't everything, but they do make good stuff.

Lucky guy!
I would jump on the fairtex bag if the offered came to me. I am now using the title synthetic leather bag and it works great. I would rather have a one seem bag than titles two seams but other than that I have no complaints of the bag at all. Haven't had it long enough to see how long it will hold up though.
whoa that awesome does this person have any more fairtex bags for that cheap?
Think so... it's a martial arts center near hear that decided the Fairtex bags didn't fit their needs.
But you may not have noticed that I live in Denmark :D
The straps do wear out, but it is an easy fix with fishing line and a nylon strap from a old gym bag.
Alright, since people are still in this thread: How would you hang this Fairtex HB-6? Do I need anything special or can I just use the spiral-like ****l thingie in the cealing that the old bag hung from?
goodie... was worried about springs and what not. I think what I have will do then.