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first off id like to say hello to my fellow sherdoggies. ive been lurking around here for about a year now and finally decided to jump in(cant wait to get flamed for anything hehe). ive been watching mma for about 4-5 years now, both PRIDE and UFC and other orgs. i dont train unfortunately(maybe thatll change next year), but it matters not..I LOVE MMA. the last six months though, ive been really hooked and found myself daydreaming a lot about this wonderful sport of ours. ive seen so many threads on here regarding which fights should happen, fighters that should be signed, etc. well heres a little mma fantasy of mine....im a billionaire(third only to gates and warren buffet) playboy(exes include:jessica alba, adriana lima, kate beckinsale, angelina jolie, and a myriad of other hotties hehe) who just bought the UFC from the fertitas/white. i immediately go on a signing rampage and finally give mma fans the match ups they've always wanted to see in the UFC, and the ultimate super card(dec.31st) so i open the check book to acquire.....

HW(regarded as the weakest division in the UFC dont say mw either)
-fedor emelianenko(finally!! the #1hw in the ufc)
-aleksander emelianenko(couldnt sign fedor without bro, good fighter anyway)
-mark hunt(i want to see heads roll)
-josh barnett(had to bring him in for the fans that believe hes the biggest threat to fedor)
-roger gracie(finally a hw gracie, who is regarded as the best grappler in the world)
-tim sylvia(dont hate, hes a solid HW...i want him against aleks)
-andrei arlovski(in my book this is the guy who has the best chance to beat fedor..flame me)
-mirko crocop(i want to see him drop someone one more time with his left leg before he retires)
-randy couture(dont care about money dispute, his first fight back is with fedor to see who fights nog for the title)
-hong man choi(just think hes not that bad plus he'll draw some peeps to the arena/circus)
-kimbo slice(cmon you'd sign him too if you could, hes a great draw)

LHW(we're pretty stacked here but still)
-ricardo arona(its a crime that this talented monster hasnt been signed yet)
-nogs little bro(immediate rematch with sokoudjou)
-kevin randleman(i just miss him, ill put him in with thiago silva for his first fight)
-renato babalu sobral(he just wanted to teach heath respect...ya i know he still shoulda let go)

MW(second weakest division in UFC)
-matt lindland( first fight...rich franklin!)
-frank shamrock(finally now we can see if what he says is true...that hes the greatest)
-frank trigg(i just wanna see him against marquardt)
-cung le(exciting fighter with lots of fans...first fight....chris leben)
-robbie lawler(i put him in with bisping)
-melvin manhoef(u know u want to see him against silva)
-dennis kang(dang he just got triangled but eh i got plenty of cash)

WW(im happy with this division but)
-jake shields(just wanna see if what his coach says is true..against gsp)

LW(strong division but lots of top guys missing)
-gomi(well...cuz hes a bad man who is ranked #1. ill give him a choice..warm up fight with kenflo or immediate title shot against penn/sherk)
-shinya aoki(i wanna see a gogoplata in the octagon before i die)
-tatsuya kawajiri(dont need ishida if i sign this guy)
-gilbert melendez(very talented, i wanna see him against TUF alumnis)
-joachim hansen(solid fighter, i just have a lot of extra cash i guess)
-mach sakurai(i wish to test huerta thru him)
-nick diaz(because i can!! and i love this guy. and yes rematch with gomi down the line)
-jz calvancante(been wondering what would happen against melvin guillard if jz kept it standing)

so after all the signing and a couple of ppvs here goes my superbowl mma card....

december 31, ppv mandalay bay, $19.99(i dont need the money)

all fights will be shown on ppv.

-fedor emelianenko vs randy couture(there happy now?winner gets title shot)
-takanori gomi vs bj penn
-rampage jackson vs wanderlei silva(pretend silva beat jardine and won next 2 fights)
-chuck liddell vs shogun rua(winner gets title shot)
-anderson silva vs frank shamrock(cuz i said so)
-andrei arlovski vs aleksander emelianenko(someones gettin kod)
-GSP vs diego sanchez(providing sanchez put a winning streak together)
-nate diaz vs shinya aoki(well nate did say he wanted to fight the best...i wanna see some super grappling/bjj)
-kawajiri vs kenflo( i wanna see kenflo finish this fight hehe)
-mark hunt vs kimbo slice(im not a kimbo hater..really.)
-roger huerta vs jz calvancante(what can i say they got thru sakurai and guillard lol)
-tim sylvia vs mirko crocop(slug fest...which way does it go?)
-thiago alves vs anthony johnson(muahaha i own the ufc, do what i want)
-matt hughes vs matt serra(cuz it HAS to happen before hughes retires)
-melvin manhoef vs patrick cote(well cote did say he had a strong chin so..lol)

well there it is fellas. and of course fighter salaries increase as well. minimum is 10k with win bonus. sub/ko/ fight of the night bonus goes to 100k now too. yes, i had time on my hands(no work tomorrow)

any changes/addtion to this if you were the owner? flame away!!
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