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Jun 10, 2007
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Is there a food/supplement that is good for tendons? Maybe even something for helping damaged tendons? I did a search and didn't really find anything definitive
Orange Triad, Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM, and Super Cissus Rx are the three that most people talk about. OT has Gluco Chond in it, and it serves as a multi. I've been taking it for a week now.

In addition to one of those, most people would also suggest fish oil.
^So is this something I could just pick up at GNC? Also what is MSM?
You'd probably have to order Orange Triad online, I went through BodyBuilding.com. It has glucosamine chondroiton with MSM in it already, as that is just something like calcium is (I believe it's minerals). So you could buy straight gluco chond at GNC the same way you could buy straight calcium there, or just take Orange Triad which already has it in there the way many supplements contain a bunch of stuff plus calcium.

I've also heard that people like the Super Cissus Rx, and also Animal makes a product called Animal Joint Flex that people like also. Those are the big things people recommend, along with an omega-3 supplement (EPA of about 2-3gm per day).
I once had a guy at a supplement shop tell me that the primary function of MSM is to aid digestion.

Is there any truth to that?
Animal Flex!

One year and one month ago, my friends, I had a FULL distal biceps tendon tear suffered in my MT class. I threw a sloppy hook into a mit, and pop goes the tendon.

During the rehab process, I bought Animal Flex and have been taking it since. My recovery, rehabilitation, and subsequent training have gone great.

To what degree Animal Flex played a role, I cannot comment. It certainly did no harm, and I don't plan on stopping taking it anytime soon.
GLucosamine, but more importantly proper training will help strenghten tendons and making sure you dont have any gross muscle imbalances will also assist you. It doesnt matter how much glucosmine you take if you got a rotator cuff that is weak (or whatever i was just using it as an example)

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