Technique this technique that... It's all about technique.

Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by ameeksingh, Feb 13, 2016.

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    It's all about technique and it is more important than power/speed. Which is wrong statement. UNLESS you have no basic understanding of normal physics and gravity on this planet Earth.

    If you think about the simple 1, 2 punch combo. Jab and then a powerful hit with the other hand. There is "technique" involved in this. You gotta twist your feet, you gotta do this, you gotta do that, you gotta turn your hips blablablablabla etc etc etc etc. It's all about technique! Except human beings were not born with the ability to do a 1,2 punch combo. Somebody came up with this shit. The very first human to come up with this shit (1000s of years ago or however long ago) was not thinking about "TECHNIQUE". He was thinking how can I put insane power/speed behind this punch and also put my entire body weight behind it. Using common sense of how gravity/physics works, that human came up with this 1,2 shit that everyone uses. Then other humans improved upon it or added onto it.

    Now days people are discouraged to think outside the box. Just follow shit that has already been invented before. Just saying. You should understand all the techniques that have already been invented and you should also think outside the box to. Maybe you can be the first human to develop a new technique that everyone will follow? Maybe you can be a leader? MMA is always improving and evolving. Just saying.
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    The Danger Zone
    I'm not reading all of that.
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    Someone needs to do a tl;dr.
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    LOL, everything you just suggested was technique. So we should invent new techniques, because it is not about techniques but speed and power, which we developed techniques for improving our speed and power.
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    I sometimes wonder why people who think so much about striking dont just use some of that time to start training. It's not like you have to compete, but it's fun, healthy and would decrease this kind of thread being made.
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