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    I posted this in MMA forum as well but I think it's a lost cause posting anything of worth over there anymore...

    Last week I had the pleasure of flying up and spending a week with Blake Bowman hanging out and training with his mma team, Team Praxis. I just wanted to publicly thank Cam McHargue for letting me train with them. I'd also like to thank Blake Bowman, Cole Miller, Jake "Walking Genocide", Ken Nitro and the others whom I trained with in my time there. All of the fighters there are extremely hospitable and it was a great experience rolling and training with them. I highly recommend if you're ever in Griffin, GA or Macon, GA you stop by and train with these guys.

    Also best of luck to all the Team Praxis fighters that will be fighting in the upcoming Full Throttle event as well as the upcoming Casca Grossa Tournament. For news and such on Team Praxis follow the link to their website below (new website coming soon). Thanks again to Cam, Blake and the rest of Praxis for being such gracious hosts.

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