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tapout sizes

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Amatu-er Poster
Nov 26, 2002
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a search for tapout gave me a million hits...not what I was looking for though

I want a measurement across the chest for sizes Xl, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL (if they have it) as I cannot find actual measurements for them anywhere.

Trigger happy on the post button there Boobs? :D
i dont know how many superheavyweights we have anymore along here boobs. I thankfully do not own a single tapout t-shirt. only shorts. can't be any help here XD

I got the "sherdog is down for" some shit, so I hit refresh a few times to see if it was back up or not.

Guess someone cleaned up for me though
I've got a couple xxl and one xxxl Tapout shirts around here, I'll get you a measurement when I get back home.
If I get home before your other friend there I got an XL Tapout T ill help ya out.