Tapout long shorts


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Jan 21, 2007
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I just placed an order from Budovideos for a blue tapout longshorts i always wanted the blue coloer i usally wear size 38 but know i
yea tapouts are retty good shorts to have if you are in between sizes or can't find your perfect size. they have a nice drawstring and do not bunch up too much when tightening them and they stretch if they are smaller than you would like.
i wear a size 34 in tapouts, whereas i'm a 32 with sprawl and truth
Tapout gets a bad rap on this forum, but their long shorts and board shorts are top notch and their website offers good customer service.
I usally wear size 38 i have tapout 38's board shorts they dont fit me snuggly but still fit i also have clinch gear, nogi, koral and more in 38 and i find them to fitter smaller then tapout
yes a good one too

i'll second that, the quality of tapout overall really surprised me (everyone likes to trash them on these boards for some reason), but the quality of the drawstring was particularly good.
Are TapOuts true to size or should one order a size larger? I buy 1 size up in Clinch Gear (my favorites btw) and wonder if Tapout would be the same.
they fit a bit tigher to me while sprawls fit a bit larger but feels better