Taking the back vs mounting the back


oiseau rebelle
May 8, 2005
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Hi all,

I have recently switched from sport BJJ to more MMA based Sambo training.

I am finding that under striking rules the back mount is far superior to taking the back and lying underneath someone or on your side.

Back mount
Very difficult for opponent to hit you
Reduced vulnerability to footlocks
You can flatten your opponent out, trapping his arms and setting up the choke
Opponent can't pull your arms away from his neck to defend the choke
You can punch the sides of his head virtually unanswered
Opponent turns into your mount rather than your guard

My first question is, how do you mma guys rate these back positions? Do you always go for the back mount or are you happy to fight for chokes from on your side or back? How would you turn someone from a regular back position into a back mount?

My second question regards a sneaky footlock someone caught me with yesterday. I had his back (lying on my side) and he reached down with his top side hand, gripped the top of my top side foot and pulled it towards his abs, digging his forearm across my ankle. Anyone else seen this one?

one of the goals when you get your back taken is to not end up belly down, so often it is not a question of which would you rather have but what can ya get.