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Oct 17, 2012
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(I hope that this belongs on this forum)

Hey community,

I am a fighter on the East Coast of Canada. Trying to get some more followers on Twitter so that I can land some sponsors. I am going pro in January and it will go a long way! If anyone can help, my link is:

And my stats and info are at:

I won my first amateur title not long ago and am on a 5 fight win streak all via rear-naked choke.
You'll need more than a RNC to make it as a 145er pro. Any fight vids?

There's one. There is another that should be linked to that too.

I have more than an RNC - it just happened to go that way. Also, I finished my 2 fights in under a minute, my 3rd in 1:10. My fourth fight went to the last couple seconds of the first, and my title fight went to the last second before the end of the second round.