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Jan 3, 2006
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alright ive been shopping around and doing what research i can before purchasing and using supplements for training. i was just wondering, lets say i get some hydroxycut for my metabolism, some whey protein powder for shakes, and some of those things randy cotour uses called essential greens or something like that, if i use one container of each of those, and gain some muscle mass in the process, once i run out of the container i dont plan on gettin any more, so will my body already have gotten use to them and me start to lose muscle or will this be just enough to get me a good jump start on some muscle mass and once i stop using them(1 container of each) still have the muscle? i dont want to have to keep buying and taking more and more and more just to maintain muscle, i just want something to give me a jumpstart on muscle mass and not have to worry about losing it once i stop using them. i just want to get some stuff that i can use 1 bottles worth and be satisfied with the results(given i do a few hours of conditioning a night). sorry for the bad grammar and the seemingly neverending sentences but english is not my forte. thanks tho in advance for anyone who can help me out. oh and one last question: is it better to take protein before or after a workout? so once i get my protein powder ill know when to use it. thanks again.

EDIT: sorry this really is the last thing, whats everyones take on creatine? id like to know the same thing about it, like if i just got one bottle, would its results wear off once i got done with the only bottle i purchased or would it just be a great start for me muscle gaining-wise, along with lots of protein and strength training? because im considering gettin that to help me get going here.

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