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Submissions 101: Try and complain now.

Chris Beeby

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May 16, 2007
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Pretty good move on their part, imo.

While their reasoning isn't honest (i.e. improper teaching), the outcome will be just as good. At least I hope so.
I guess this is partially due to the 10th Planet endorsement. Bravo ain't gonna stand for a lot of BS.
MY guess is that and that they have been reading those blocked YouTube comments.
who cares? seriously....im tired of reading about sub101 here so much...theres so many better instructionals and other things to discuss that its ridiculous, why do threads about them keep popping up?

so hes refliming stuff...cool....
Ari is very good about criticism and trakes all advice into account. very respectable IMO. I'm looking forward to the new stuff
I like how he blames the camera for his early videos.
he addressed the traditional jj belt issue, but I want to make sure he follows through with it before I address anything else.
Ari is very good about criticism and trakes all advice into account. very respectable IMO. I'm looking forward to the new stuff

What I don't get is why you are always backing this guy. Every Sub101 thread involves you in some way "sticking up" (for a lack of a better term) for Ari. Do you know Ari? Are you somehow relating to him? Yet you give very little leeway to others who have questionable rights to be instructing BJJ techniques. I'm just wondering.

The truth is through PM's and different threads I've had a few interactions with Ari. I'll be the first to compliment him on his ability to say the right things. He does appear to be a legitimately good guy. However surface appearances can't always be trusted. You, I and everyone else that are serious students of BJJ and watch his videos know that there are glaring mistakes and an obvious lack of formal BJJ training in his videos and his movement.

As the TS said, we know the reason the old videos need updating. Fuck a bad camera and shaky shots. That's BS. This is my problem. Everything with them seems like smoke and mirrors. Instead of saying the truth, he blames others and technology. I am over them too, but I don't get why you seem to always want to back them. Don't take this as an attack, I'm just curious. Why back them when it is obvious that a good portion of their videos are poorly taught and Ari is not a legitimate grappler. On top of that they are making money selling DVD's, ad space and merchandise through their website to unknowing people who assume he's a legitimate grappler cuz they see BJJ techniques, shown under a BJJ banner with a guy in a BJJ gi with a black belt tied around it. BJJ is getting whored out and you say he's "very respectable". I say he's shady and most likely has ulterior motives behind actions. Do you really believe his site is there to provide a free service to our community when it is filled with questionable instruction and sells merchandise and contains paid advertisements on it?

Bottom line; Ari has not earned the right to teach BJJ techniques. The fact that you defend him in every thread is mind boggling as you are known to be a legitimate BJJ guy who protects the sanctity and honor of our sport. With Ari though, you seem to have given him a free pass from the microscope you place other under. So please, fill me in. What am I missing?
yea mikey.. i have seen you criticize other people videos but you seem to have a softspot for him...
am I the only one who's met/trained with him? I really couldn't stand the guy
Ari is very good about criticism and takes all advice into account. very respectable IMO.

I dont know about that. Until recently he never acknowledged a glaring mistake (on his youtube comments), he censors comments on youtube that make him look bad whilehe blames the problems from his older vids on the camera which is obvious bullshit.

Doesn't seem very receptive to criticism IMO.

He does seem like a nice guy and he is clearly getting better. He addresses a lot of issues that he, frankly, doesnt have to. This vid, for what it's worth, seems like a step in the right decision and I honestly want him to succeed.
wonder if he's going to re-film all 17000 videos -- i mean, dude's got a lot of videos, which is why i hardly ever watch their stuff. and then i get confuse them with the trainfightwin guys
So, is he going to wear a white belt when demonstrating throws on the new vids...
i thought he was a purple under bravo or something