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Name: Triangle

Offense: From laying on your back you wrap your legs around your opp's head and ONE of his arms (you can find a TON of videos on youtube on bjj triangles to see more detials and a viusual description)

Defense: Posturing up (or if you are Rampage....slamming - See Rampage vs Arona Video)

Position: Guard
Hi mate thanks, how easy is it to catch someone in and how easy is it to escape (In general)


That depends on a lot of factors:

- how experienced each combatant is
- how skilled the attacker is with triangles
- how skilled the defender is in triangle defense / escapes
- does the attacker have long legs (generally (but not always) makes triangles easier)
- does the defender have especially broad or narrow upper body (can make it difficult to finish the triangle: too broad can be difficult for the attacker to close the triangle or get the right angle; too narrow can leave too much space and make it more difficult to close the choke off)
- etc etc etc
Here is a link you may find interesting regarding submissions in MMA. The author can be contacted if you want his research.

anyways, he goes on to say that submission victories in mma stand at about 29%. (not including submission by strikes)

sounds like a cool idea. are you going to factor cardio in there? combinations increasing effectiveness? sweeps?
Hi mate thanks, how easy is it to catch someone in and how easy is it to escape (In general)


Triangle is easier for taller guys with longer legs. It isnt all that hard to get someone in.....meaning it doenst take much skill but its hard to catch an advanced guy. Escaping is usually difficult....but as with all submissions it depends on how its applied
I'm sure he's not looking for lengthy explanations of each attack's potential uses :) Obviously any game will have to oversimplify all of this stuff, which is fine if it's fun and creates more interest. I would suspect he would want something easy, like this:

Rear Naked Choke
Offense: 7 (fairly easy to get from the back, but no guarantees)
Defense: 1 (once it's slapped on, you're almost certainly screwed)
Position: Back

Offense: 9 (happens all the time in MMA)
Defense: 7 (most people wriggle out of it)
Position: Guard

You should also have body types like long lanky, short stocky etc. Those will play in as factors for different subs and stuff. Can you just make a real time game :p. I wish there was a grappling or judo game or something.