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Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by xSwackAttackx, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. I am very much interested at entering the world of MMA, while I am no stranger to the grappling game (involved in judo/jujistu/wrestling for a number of years at the competition level), I am very green as far as strikes go. While I am in college, formal striking training is not an option due to the fact that i live very rurally. However, at home I have use of

    a 100lb heavy bag
    a speed bag
    a bag held up by two elastic bands (i have no idea what this is called)
    and a set of a wrist weights

    Once summer rolls around I will seek formal training, however as of right now that is not an option. What workouts would you seasoned vets recomend with this equipment
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    download a muaythai instuctional then its
    bag work bag work bag work running bag work bag work bag work if poss buy some thai pads get a mate to hold them while you practice however for real striking you will need to join a gym :eek:
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    Use the speed bag to build up muscular endurance in your arms. You'll need it.
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    The bag held up between 2 elastic bands is probaly a double end balls. Its a training tool for precision and accuracy. My advice to you is since you will not have a chance to get formal training until the summer is buy a few boxing instructional and start with that. Be careful though because in doing so you may develop improper technique and bad habits that will be hard to change. With the heavy bag I'd advise doing 4-6 combos everyother day 2 sets of 15, 3 5 minute rounds of shadow boxing, and 2 rounds of just going crazy on the bag just to keep your skill up before the summer..

    The wrist weights you can punch in sets like 3sets 8-15 reps and it supposed to develop speed and power but its debated wether or not this actually works.

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