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Stipe Miocic next fight...


Dec 19, 2011
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It Has been long time since..
He deserved to find out his next opponent
Id like to see him vs Duffee or Mitrione
Mitrione makes a lot of sense and would be a great fight.
But why does it take so long for deciding his next fight 4 months ,when he gets it he ll be off job longer then Overeem and didn't do nothing wrong
Browne, Duffee, Mitrione or the guy who lost to Kongo at 149.
All of the above-mentioned fighters match up well with Miocic.

I was surprised Struve handled Miocic so easily.
All of the above-mentioned fighters match up well with Miocic.

I was surprised Struve handled Miocic so easily.

Same here looked like after 1 round he just gassed out he couldn't stand on his feet or keeping head guard at all,bad preparations ?
Definately Browne, both were doing great and climbing the rankings fast before losing their last bout by TKO against a top 10 opponent.
Mitrione seems like the perfect fit. Upon reading the first people suggesting it, it just clicked.

Both coming off losses.
Both had good win streaks going (at least before the Kongo fight)
Both come to fight
Similar area in the pecking order
Travis Browne. Both of them were on a good winning streak until it got cut short by veteran fighters
I say Browne too and I think Stipe takes it.

While I like Stefan Struve I think that was a bigger upset in September than people thought, especially since it was a tko.

If not Browne than someone like winner of Jordan-Russow, Mitrione, or even Cheick Kongo even though he's coming off a win. Stipe wins any 4 of those fights imo.

Also it hasn't been that long and especially not longer than Overeem. When Overeem fights in Feb it would be a year and more than a month since he fought. Let's say Stipe fights at latest in the summer which would be awhile, that would be less than a year.
Christian Morecraft hasn't fought in ages and is surely one loss away from being cut. They LOVE tossing Morecraft to a prospect in need of a win, so make it happen.
I say give him the Akiyama treatment. He lost to Struve so he's fighting JDS next. If he loses that as well, feed him to Cormier.
Why does Stipe has to wait for such a long time to announce his next opponent ?