Still not sure what the intake is...


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Feb 14, 2003
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... for Muscle Milk. When people say to use Muscle Milk before their workouts, after their workouts, and before their sleep, do they mean you're supposed to chuck down 3 servings a day or do they mean one serving spread over 3 stages of the day?

And also... on the days when you're not working out and just jogging, what's the recommended Muscle Milk intake (in servings) for those days?

PS: I'm a total newb to this, and my goal is to gain muscle mass (while losing some excess fat I have lying around, which isn't much).

OH YEAH, who here has tried Dymatize's Mega Milk? It seems to do the same as Muscle Milk but offers a 5lb container. Just wondering. Thanks.
i would try to keep it to 1 - 2 a day because if you over saturate your body with protien you just won't grow.

out of all those options before a workout is just dumb, after a workout is basicaly just useing it as an energy source. and before bed is the best because that is when you repair.