Stefan Struve HW champ?


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Dec 6, 2011
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I think Struve beats Cain, maybe not right now, but he is still young (in a year or 2). He has great cardio and strong on the ground and what about his reach.
No one uses their reach more poorly than Struve with the possible exception of George Roop.
The problem with Struve is that he doesn't use his reach. JDS and Nelson walked right through and finished him quick. I'm a fan of Struve but it's frustrating watching every fight and he still isn't using jabs and front kicks to dictate the distance.
Struve HW Champ. C'mon man that can only happen if his next opponents are payed to lose. If i were you i would bet the farm.
JDS losing made people think anything is possible. maybe so, but not this. struve heavyweight champion....give me a fukin break man are you serious?

he still cant even use his reach

his chin would get shattered fighting top competition.

for his own safety he should not even think about fighting for the belt/
I like Struve and want him to get there, but I don't think he even gets close. Could be wrong, and hope I am, but I think he is a gatekeeper. He is a damn entertaining gatekeeper though
Struve would be murdered by Cain...Cain is well rounded and has proven his skills in the cage...idiots still give him no respect....
I like Struve. But even if he spent 10 years in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber he's not gonna beat Cain lol. 99% of time result would be the Cain vs Bigfoot fight.
Nope. Not anytime soon anyways. He's getting better, believe you me. I've lost a lot of money betting against Struve and at this point I am can only be impressed. I don't see him beating JDS/Cain/Reem in the next year or two.
Struve will be hw champ in another organization where he is the only heavy weight
never,with all due respect: Struve is a joke
He's improving, and he's still very young, so it's hard to say. In his current incarnation, he wouldn't beat Velasquez. If he keeps developing his striking and putting on a little more weight, he could be a contender in the next three to five years. Struve is probably my favorite fighter, and I'd love to see him develop into a contender, but it's going to take more time.