staying sharp while away from the gym


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Jun 7, 2003
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i'm not going to be able to train for properly for about 3 weeks to a month. anyone have any suggestions on drills, workouts, excercises etc. that I could do by myself to stay sharp?
well...if you mean just workouts that u dont have to pay anything for...then push ups, sit ups, shooting drills just the usual regular workouts...if you want an MMA workout then go with the Bas Rutten MMA Workout
Well if you talking about BJJ, Judo or any other grappling style mental visualisation is a good one, ie mentally practice your techniques. Also take a book with you about your style and read it.
the book is a great idea, alot of body weight exercises and also try running so u keep ur cardio up
burpees - tons of em in as many variations as you can think of as well as Bas Ruttens cd's - those will keep you goign until you can hit a gym
Masturbate by the time you get back to the mat, your mind will be perfectly clear and focused on grappling.

Or drill what you know, hit the books/DVD's, and do cardio.