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Im a member of a car forum and they have a sub forum for each state. There is tons small promotions and events all over the US now and tons of gyms as well. On the car forum each member would would put which city/area they are from under their name and post in the appropriate form(california for me). The members would have meet ups at local tracks or parking lots and talk cars and help eachother our. Or they would post about a car show in their area and they would meet up at the car show and check out all the cars together or go to the bar after. Since there is so many promotions in the US it would be great to have sub forums like this so that people could post about it and possibly meet up at the shows. Also there was a section to post reviews of local parts retailers because there is alot of places that sell crap performance mods at high prices. The forum could do the same for MMA gyms, peple could post reviews and locations of the gyms/clubs they are a part of. Im sure there are tons of clubs in the LA area that even locals dont know where the are all at, could be a wrestling club that meets down the street and they didnt know about it, now they would. Also it would be a good way for sherdog members to meet people from other local gyms/areas or if they are moving they could post on the forum to find out some info about the MMA scene in that area and meet some people to train with before they even set foot in town. Im getting ready to transfer to state college and am having trouble finding info about gyms in Chico, if done google and the works but not finding much. A forum like this would give me all the info i need. Think about it please, it worked great on and would really be a good source of info for sherdoggers.
I personally dont think it has worked that well on

99% of the state forums are useless.