Standups from Bottom


Apr 12, 2008
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Hi everybody, I am trying to locate some good instructional videos regarding getting up from the bottom (in MMA preferably). Can anyone link some vids or suggest some good ones I should buy? Also, please feel free to list and explain your favorite standups as I am always looking to learn something new. :icon_chee Thanks in advance.
BJ Penn's mma book has some good techniques for this

I can vouch for that. My personal favorite from guard involves grabbing the opposite collar of my opponent. Opening my guard. Getting feet on the hips to make space and stand up in base from here you can back away, or move in for clock chokes, loop chokes. If they shoot for your lead leg, you can also roll into an omoplata.
another vote for BJ penn's book. There is also a short instructional video by GSP out there on getting up from the close guard. Try searchign yourtube and it should pop up.
Thanks for all the responses so far, keep'em coming please :D

I have BJ's book and I love it. His "Getting Up 101" is currently my bread and butter standup, and I also like his "Sit Up Guard to Backs." I'll have to check out GSP's videos, I think one of my training partners might have it. Please give me some more as you think of them.

overhook and kick away, something like that

Please elaborate.
overhook and kick away, something like that

Yeah, I'm a bit confused here as well. You talking about from guard? I don't know about that one.

Recently in my class we've been focusing on escaping the bottom and getting back to your feet (or knees, if you train that way). A lot of it revolves around that basic technical standup you learn as a white belt (opposite foot, opposite hand planted, kick your free leg through, stand up with your free hand guarding your head from strikes). We all know that one. Well you can use that general principle with someone on top of you as well. If you can get a grip on one of his wrists and bring it across your body, you can do that stand-up just as if he wasn't there, just instead of blocking with your free hand you're controlling his wrist. This works from several other positions as well, such as when he opens your guard. If your opponent is passing your guard on the ground, not a standing pass, there are many opportunities to push his head/armpit/arm towards the side that he's passing and use the same general technique to get back to your feet. There are tons of variations off here, and you can get creative and play with it during an open mat or something, but it revolves around getting control over some part of your opponent's upper body, crossing it over, and using that basing standup.
denis kang's "My Mixed Martial Arts." See for a full description.