Stand Up or Heavy bag w/stand?


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Mar 14, 2005
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I was looking at getting a punching/kicking bag and was wondering what would be better. Our beams at our house are not big enough to support a heavy bag so I will need to get a bag with a stand. The problem is, the stands rarely come with a bag and then they are more expensive than a stand up punching mechanism. I was leaning towards the stand up (it is taller and gives more versatility to where to put it) but was wondering what your opinions on my choices would be. Thanks alot.
I haven't heard much good about the free standing punching bags. I got a stand+bag combo at Sport Chalet for like $99 and it works well. Has 3 spots to put plates on to weigh it down so it won't move, I threw a few 45 plates on there and it doesn't move much. Plus, I can change the bag later if I decide I want one that's heavier or a nicer material.
Yea I was going to post something relating to this. A few people tell me they got the stands and they move to much although I think they'res are weighed down by sand. Do most stands nowadays come with spots to put heavy weights on?
Im looking to get a stand heavy bag myself. Im going to start looking into this and if i find anything good ill repost.
The free standing heavy bag is not very good in my opinion. Even filled up it's pretty easy to knock over.
I do like B.O.B. however. It's a dummy instead of a punching bag, it really improved my striking.
i have not used top of the line freestanding punching bag (ringside), or top of the line bag stands (balazing). However, from my experence with everlast and century products I would say just quit.