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'Stand and Bang' MMA vs Kickboxing

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by KootenayKid, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. KootenayKid

    KootenayKid Brown Belt

    Jun 30, 2015
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    An Igloo
    "If you don't like grappling, go watch kickboxing."

    A lot of fight fans seem to gravitate towards a toe to toe MMA match, while leaving kickboxing in the dust. I think there are a couple components behind this.

    Probably the biggest reason, MMA is just more popular than kickboxing, MMA organizations like the UFC and Pride have built up intrigue quickly and marketed personalities better than Kickboxing has. Which leads me to the more interesting and possibly enduring reason.

    Quick story: Two guys I knew in high school wanted to fight after school, two guys with big personalities, and it built up quite a buzz for a petty fight. However, for whatever reason the animosity started to decrease. They later decided to get someones boxing gloves and settle it in a controlled standup fight down in the track field. Pretty uneventful, and not nearly as much interest in the end.

    Point is, MMA has a chaos factor akin to a street fight that's intriguing over kickboxing to certain people. I think the fact that grappling can occur in a cage match makes it all the more sweet for them when it is kept standing, or keeps switching between a grappling match and a standup fight, because it constantly leaves you craving that aspect and coming back for more. You would think one of the best things a company could have is a product that leaves them craving just a little more and willing to come back for it.

    "Why would you want to watch two bums swing, when you could watch the highest level strikers compete."

    MMA can have such a wide discrepancy in striking ability that it leaves more room for a trend worthy out classing or an entertaining slug fest, and when guys like Silva or McGregor enter the scene they have a paved way to popularity with their skills. (Kickboxing hasn't built stars like MMA has.)

    I think some things enhance all this such as small gloves that mimic more of a street fight illusion, well marketed personas as mentioned before, and even the octagon itself with it's odd shape and familiar barrier like a fence.

    I think that's two of the keys, familiarity with our primal sense of what a fight is, and relatability. Anyways, that's my small take.

    Side note: This isn't meant to take away from the greatness or integrity of grappling and kickboxing, just my amateur social observation.
  2. TankAbbott4Eva

    TankAbbott4Eva Silver Belt

    Jan 24, 2010
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    Melbourne, Australia
    The small gloves also make it harder to defend as well of course, Rountree v Saki showed what can happen to anyone in an MMA fight regardless of striking pedigree.

    I do think in general Muay Thai would be more exciting to watch for many over MMA, just hasn’t had the marketing machine behind it that MMA (let’s face it the UFC) has enjoyed.
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  3. Not A Real Fan

    Not A Real Fan Purple Belt

    Nov 20, 2015
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    The UFC, around since 1993, has trained an entire generation to see ground fighting as a normal part of fighting. A striking only combat sport seems lacking and artificial in comparison. Hence why kickboxing and Muay Thai have not caught on. Also why bare knuckle will just be a fad.

    Boxing has a 100+ year history in which for most of that time it had no other combat sport competitor allowing it to grow and expand and become an institution. If boxing were introduced today, it would bomb.
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  4. SeattleFightFan

    SeattleFightFan Steel Belt

    Dec 8, 2004
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    Most people just want to be entertained. The sport would have died in the USA if it wasn’t for drunken spritzing. And the last 15 years of fan base hasn’t improved on that very much.

    And btw very few fans dislike grappling if it is used to finish. They just don’t like LnP, neutralization, and calculated game plans to focus on winning by outpointing. No one disliked Matt Hughes’ style of fighting.
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  5. TheShogunofHarlem

    TheShogunofHarlem White Belt

    Jul 23, 2019
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    Different sport. Depends on the rules who wins.
  6. Only Here for Attachments

    Only Here for Attachments Free from the yellow once again!

    Sep 30, 2016
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    From what I've observed, kickboxing is too technical for most people. The most popular UFC fights tend to be sloppy brawls and that seems to be what the average fight-fan wants to see.
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  7. Doctor Lenovo

    Doctor Lenovo Green Belt

    Mar 5, 2019
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    Kickboxing is way more technically advanced than MMA. Therefore, standing and banging in kickboxing at a high level is far less likely than in MMA.

    MMA is still at a stage where you don't need to know the game behind the game to enjoy it. The current fighters are still mediocre. Even the so called GOATs.

    If MMA keeps improving, then it will get more and more boring and slower. All the "Just Bleed" fans will get washed out, and the fans who understand the game behind the game will remain.

    Another thing with MMA is that the grappling aspect changes the rhythm and pace of the fight. In boxing, you can get very frustrated watching dudes who don't want to be bang, but there is no alternative like grappling to change the pace.

    In summary, I believe as MMA fighters get better technically, the fights will slow down. I don't believe in this "small gloves" nonsense. I believe that the fighters have A LOT of holes in their technique, and this why we get exciting KO's.
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  8. beastman

    beastman Silver Belt

    Jul 20, 2006
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    Full contact karate > Everything
  9. RNC555

    RNC555 Green Belt

    Jun 14, 2019
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    im not reading all that. MMA difference from all other combat sports is ground and pound. in MMA there is boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, grappling, muay thai but none of those sports allow striking a down opponent. only other sport on earth that allows that is combat sambo which is why sambo fighters are more efficient at GnP than pure wrestlers. anyway, if you want boxing you can watch boxing but if you wanna ground and pound you can only watch MMA (sambo not good coverage and they were stupid outfit).

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