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Oct 16, 2005
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my problem. i'm ambidextrous. which is both good and bad. I'm a southpaw boxer, probably would be a southpaw style judo player if i learned how to do it left handed (probably will soon) and my strongest stance is southpaw. my problem is i can't throw a left kick for the life of me, i lose balance and if i try to put any height on it (above knee) it hurts, not muscles being pulled hurt, more like tendons being pulled way to tight hurt, its weird. do you guys know any drills or pracice type stuff I can do so that i'll be able to kick with my left leg better? my right leg is fine, i can throw head height kicks with it with little to no difficulty. I also have no problems switching between stances, i've done both, i'm better at boxing southpaw tho. btw, this is more for side snap/ roundhouse kicks, forward snap and thrust are fine and side thrust kick is fine. so is back kicks and everything, just not left side snap or roundhouse. so yeah, some drills would be really helpful. I'll talk to my coach about it as well when i get back to kickboxing from my injury (knee injury, its not that that hurts when i'm doing it tho, although i guess it could play a factor, i dunno)
i'm also ambidextrous, and i'd say learn to fight in both stances. and learn to confuse people. if you only choose one, i'd say south paw, just because of the way most orthadox fighters have a problem adapting. you'll also be popular in your gym, since south paws to spar with are rare.

if you can switch stances while attacking, it actually helps generate power if you know how to.
im also ambidextrous, but i really like fighting/sparring southpaw. like liquid snake said, southpaws to spar with are rare. well at least at my gym:)
I'm left handed, but I learnt to fight orthodox stance. Now I am working my south paw cuz I find my left shin kick is faster and stronger than my right one. I guess I am left footed too! Plus, being comfortable against orthodox guys makes me think I can be effective against south paws if I go south paw, then I will be able to line up in my comfort zone and they will be unused to facing asouth paw !
I would recommend that youo concentrate on stretching a little more, especially on the side you are having trouble with. It sounds like you never really used the left leg for kicking, is that right? I notice that I can switch up between southpaw and orthodox, too, but also have a little trouble with my left leg kicks. Not due to tighness, but due to less refined technique. My right leg is used to kick more, so that's the side I concentrate practicing with. I would just try to stretch it out. Then, once you can actually get the height you're looking for without the pain, practice technique.
thanks guys. yeah i know i should be stretching more, lol. I can't at the moment because i don't want to put any extra strain on my knee, but i'll start as soon as i can. In the meantime i'll concentrate on getting the footing right for left kicks. I still use right leg kicks alot tho, cuz its already alot closer and i don't need to bring it all the way around for power, a snap kick or a thrust kick to that nerve on the thigh works wonders :D. I switch stance for power all the time, because it really makes no difference to me which hand i'm throwing power punches with, and stepping in while throwing them adds ALOT of weight to the punch. thanks for the advice guys I really appretiate it.