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Jeremy Henderson

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May 20, 2005
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Let's all support Ron and this awsome company guys, I haven't seen anyone put so much effort and time into a company who supports the sport we all have a passion for. Lets spread the word and keep SSF Gear at the TOP!!!!!!!

Jeremy SSF Fighter!!!!!!
While I appreciate the good job he does, there are already threads around to promote his company. You should post in there so this forum doesn't get cluttered.
bob, I agree with you 100%. Let's keep the sponsored guys posting to a min. It does seem self serving. I appreciate the work my fighters do and I am thankful for their hard work in promoting us (my guys are the best) at the fights but this should be for the customers questions.

Yup, SSF is cool and it has been said many times. No need for new threads all the time. We just have to make sure all the n00bs find out who to buy from.

People on this forum need to use the search function more often.
I love SSF gear just like everyone else does, but TX you are becoming annoying TTT'ing every single SSF post. Please give it a rest.
Phenom-I emailed TX this morning and I think he will stop. He was just really happy about his sponsorship and trying to help out. I wish everybody worked that hard for me.
Is Silva still coming to your school next month?

Mario said he wasn't sure since he hadn't heard back from his representation, so it is up in the air at this point. I did tell Mario about the guy who said Ninja and Shogun were looking to book some seminars in the states and told him to contact him so that is all I know at this point. If Silva would come here it would be in Dec., the only thign that worries me is if he has a NYE show he may decline to train :(.