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The Real Chris Brennan

SSF Gear will now be an official NOGI USA rep carrying are whole line of gear. Should be up and running tomorrow so check out
This is awesome news

just seen your new line of t-shirts- very impressive
I think NOGI and SSF will have a good relationship. NOGI has been a company I've had eye on for a while. Great products at great prices.
Ron and others at SSF, have you considered carrying me? I am fun and the ladies love me. I would be sure to sell like hot cakes
Does nogi still also sell there own stuff? Is it cheaper or are the prices the same on the two sites?
Prices are the same. If you want just a nogi product then I would go through Chris but if you want nogi and something else then I can help out and shipping would be cheapier then ordering from two different places. I am starting to add the nogi products to my site but it may take me a few days.
I really like the Tsunami and Blade shirts. I'll have them on my site some time this weekend.
SSF range is growing and its gear is good quality.

I have been fortunate enough to be sponsored by SSF, Ron has gone out of his way to help me out and it great to be associated with SSF.
I saw Monson wearing a sweet looking hoodie by nogi. Will you be carrying the hoodies as well?

In all honesty it was the best looking mma hoodie I ever saw. I normally hate brown but it was very sharp looking.
I wil have or have access to the entire line of NOGI gear. I'm just a little lazy about adding them to my site.
Hoodies will be back up next week for the winter season
I would in a second bro if you carried bigger sizes.