SSF Fighters Package

Whoa I'm thinking of getting that rashguard and the next model of shorts for the next tourny. Or just a rashguard repping my school. Damn you SSFGear!!! Damnnn you!!!

Where can I buy the patch seperately?
Cool! Thanks Ron, I think the package deals are a great idea.
Is there a end date for this package/promotion Ron?
Your shorts say that if you're a 32 order a 34. The problem is that I wear a 38 so I would have to order a 40, which you don't carry. Do you think I should just try to squeeze into the 38 if I decided to buy them or is there not enough give for that?
The 38 is an exact size 36. I think they will be to tight. I'll run this until mid Dec as a X-mas special.
ohh boy i wonder if santa has the internet cause i sure hope he does
Yo Ron empty your PM box.