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SPRAWL doesnt suck



They have taken care of everything.

I had a problem with the shorts and was real pissed at them because of what I heard.

They have excellent service.
when you first posted the other thread i knew you were gonna say that everything had been takin care of..they have really good customer service
Hey I give you props for admitting your mistake, just don't rush into things so fast next time. Ask advice, that's pretty much what you needed. We are here to help you and support the good retailers. No prob bro :D
MortgageKing said:
im an asshole, what can i say

Props to you for posting this. There are quite a few companies (thankfully) that are very customer service oriented and will make things right in the end if something is wrong. Even the best companies put out a dud here and there but what separates them from the rest is when they make every effort to make things right.