spoilers ufc 120 submission talk

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by notshayndavis, Oct 17, 2010.

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    Some awesome bjj.

    The fight where the guy kept pulling guard and eventually got the triangle choke. Very very awesome. But am I the only one that was yelling star sweep when his opponent kept standing out of his first few omaplata attempts?

    And how about the mounted reverse triangle from side body from Pile? Do you think it was a good decision to land light g'n'p from there to win the round, or given how much time he had left, and the fact that he couldn't land ko blows, do you think he should have tried to finish it?

    edit: Ooops, I didn't notice the other thread. I'll move my ramblings to there!
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    im with you pyle mounted reverse triangle was dope i try to go for that mount when i roll and it makes it easier to take that arm if you beat on his face cause you can lose position if you work the arm and he hang on to his leg you can get rolled and end up on bottom so to try to make him cover his face let go of the leg so you can take the arm it would be complete singled off

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