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Spider Tales: Intro & I: Destiny's web carrying to Curitiba

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Locooo, Jun 5, 2014.

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    Apr 25, 2014
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    Im reading Anderson Silva's autobiography, the portuguese edition, and I thought of sharing some highlights with fellow sherdoggers who can't afford/find the book

    I recommend everybody to buy the book, since I'll only point out some facts and so far the book is quite interesting and approchable, if I'm infringin any law, let me know mods.

    I wont quote, and I wont make up stuff, I'll just post what I remember from reading.
    Now, I am no translator so I might make some mistakes since neither english nor portuguese are my main languages.

    There are 16 chapters on Silva's life, and I plan to post of all 'em. Although I haven't finished the book (actually I just begun and on chapter 3) my first impression reinforces my take on the multiple champion legend of MMA Anderson 'The Spider Silva': A hard working man, very talented but who struggled since his childhood with rough upbringings: no money, military education, racism, disfunctional family, etc.

    There are a lot of interesting stuff (although some might find the spider man references a bit corny, its AS genuine and mellow approach to fame) and do expect fireworks: as an old grudge with ChuteBoxe and Pele (Jose Pele Landhi Jones), episodes of racism, street fights, Chael P. Sonnen, etc.


    Chapter I: Destiny's web taking to Curitiba

    - Anderson was born in Sao Paulo, in a modest living in a modest lodgings. He was raised until 4yo by her grandma and her mother who was a housemaid. His father tall and skinny as AS didn't have the structure to raise him. Her mother dated a man who was always in-out of jail. He once saw him being violent towards her.

    - They used to visit mother's boyfriend to Carandiru (an infamous prision). To this day, AS remember that awful feeling. He once took his sons and nephews and left them there in a safe circle among inmates to show them the lesson that he who not attend school or obbey their parents end up there. Kids were crying. Lesson learned.

    - Went living with his uncle at the age of 4, was raised under his military uncle strict education although by the same token they were very caring.

    - Enjoy a dancing school drafted by his aunt. Thats were he got the MJ dancing moves, he loves music to this day also during trainning. He was picked on by other kids because of this, but he grew a thick skin since a kid.

    Soon to come Chapter II: Discovery of Super Powers

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