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sparring gloves


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Jun 10, 2008
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Hows it going guys, i had a a question im 5'8 and walk around at 155 but i cut down to 145 and i just bought new fairtex training gloves the bgv1 i think its the all white ones for sparring and i got them in 14oz do u think its ok to sparr with these ?
for your size those are a good match if you want to go the safer route just get bigger gloves
Why didn't you go with 16 oz? That's pretty standard for sparring and I've even seen people go up to 18 oz. for sparring.
Yeah, I agree with mvisit. I'd typically recommend the 16s too.

Since you already got the 14oz, but are dropping down to 145, I guess those will be fine for you though.
when i went to order them they didnt have 16 but i didnt think it really mattered but im going to a new gym and from what ive been reading some people dnt like to get hit with a 14oz which is what we use at my old gym.