Soya contains estrogen?? Negative effects...


Oct 8, 2006
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All my life I had drank semi-skimmed milk. I just preferred it.
About 7 or so months ago I switched to skimmed milk, and over time came to prefer that.
I had never even tried soya milk until a couple of months ago.

Now I am at the point where I will have just one serving of skimmed milk in the morning, on my porridge (oatmeal) and substitute it wherever else with soya milk throughout the day. It has quite a very positive effect in my opinion. I think all the semi-skimmed milk in particular was slowing me down, especially when training hard twice a day I would feel noticeably sluggish on my evening training sessions.

Now I find out soya contains estrogen. I am told this can have a negative effect on the male sperm (count??). What I would also like to know is does estrogen when introduced to the male system do anything else... like curb aggression or make us less likely to want to engage in physically intensive activity?

I am afraid that if I keep drinking soya I will turn into a big girl!!! :icon_chee LOL.
Okay, it's not April 1st anymore, so this is serious? Just read some of the threads here man, some soy milk isn't bad. It doesn't contain estrogen. It contains PE's - just like many plant based foods. It would take a much higher amount of PE's than you're getting to have any negative effect on your body. Just search here for "Soy" and you'll find some discussions. No need to boggle down this thread.