Sonnen totally gets the pro wrestling aspect of hyping MMA fights


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Jun 27, 2006
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And Josh Barnett, even with his love of pro wrestling, doesn't come close.

Vitor going crazy post-fight and Chael hyping it in the studio is the best thing that could happen to Jones-Sonnen TUF. If TUF can't get ratings after all this, the show should be cancelled.
I figure the pride fans would eat that shit up BC pride was a lot like pro wrestling in so many ways

But they just cry about it instead
1. My wife was watching Chael both in the studio and on the TUF commercials. Her comment was: "He seems like an asshole, but a very amusing asshole." I'm inclined to agree. The only guy even close is Bisping.

2. Exactly right about Pride. I love both Pride and the UFC, but how any fan of Pride can complain about pro wrestling style in MMA is beyond me.

3. Very good point about TUF. If Chael and Jones can't revive it, then it's dead.
Chael is basically a character who says crazy $hit to draw money an interest for his real fights. It's amusing and it works, so other fighters are doing it now. The young russian fighter with his shirt slamming BJJ was a good tactic. They'll remember his name even if i can't spell it.
Even classic boxing fights were built off of so-called "prowrestling style hype"

Never got why it gets hate.
Cheal has been known to copy old wrasslin promos word for word, he is not very clever.
Chael on twitter just now:

@vitorbelfort- Do you have a BYO urine clause in your contract?
Even classic boxing fights were built off of so-called "prowrestling style hype"

Never got why it gets hate.

Ali went a lot further hyping the Frazier fights then any mma fighter has even come close to yet.

That shit with the toy gorilla and uncle tom comments? Really brutal man.
I was sold on TUF when Chael said,"You can count of three things: death, taxes, and Chael Sonnen whipping your ass".
i don't know - i think sonnen is just way too obvious and scripted - when he starts with his stupid sh*t you can literally hear him rehearsing it in the mirror the night before in every delivery, especially lately ...maybe not so much in the past but everything post silva 1 definitely

now bisping is a man who knows how to hype a fight - perfect delivery, always sounds sincere and always knows just what to say at any given moment to really piss everybody off
Chael has the right level of smug ass to be good for the sport. The way he responded to Vitor was just smarmy enough to get a laugh and know he's serious.