Sometimes I Hate the Fight Game

Discussion in 'The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Discussion' started by fnog9, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. fnog9

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    in the latest episode of tuff, one fighter was winning the round, but then attempted a spinning backfist, basically went down from being off balance. He then sufferred being on the ground and taking weak ass gnp. i was hoping that lame lame gnp wouldnt win the fight but it did. if that happened at the beginning of the round i dont think it would have been scored the same way. i just really hate when its clear that both fighters are trying desperately to get a td bc whoever gets it can just hold the other guy and the guy on top will get the judges nod. To me it was clear in the 3rd round of this fight that they were both trying desperately for a td. one guy happened to get one as a result of (over) aggrression from the other fighter. sometimes i just feel like the fight is more of a game and less of a fight.
  2. FrankieNYC

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    It is a game when the award points & add them up to see who wins
  3. Redwing22

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    Reckless technique shouldn't account for aggression. Wooten dominated round 2 and clearly won round 3. Hill barely attempted standup boxing he shouldn't have been throwing wild spinning backfists.
  4. JonathanDoe

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    Hill won the first clearly, Wooten won the second clearly. In the third, I know you're saying Hill was winning the 3rd, but I had it dead even until the spinning backfist miss/fall. And while it's sad that probably decided the fight, it was something that clearly put Wooten over Hill, and gave the judges a winner.

    There's a saying in chess; "Victory goes to he who makes the second-to-last mistake" -- Savielly Grigorievitch Tartakower. And that's what happened here in the chess game of MMA. Hill made the last mistake, and that's what the judges put on the scorecards.
  5. Chapter40z

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    May 23, 2010
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    Id honestly be surprised is Hill threw a dozen punches in round one, He didn't deserve to win.

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