Some questions about my diet


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Oct 10, 2004
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Im training boxing and lifting weights. And my questions is about my diet: Is it healthy, does it fit for boxing and for lifting weights and what could be the dangers if i would continue keeping this diet. I weight about 76kg and im 18 years old and im boxing in the middle weight, if that is correct. So my diet goes like this:
At monday: I dont eat anything and i dont drink anything, I only workt out in the gym.
At tuesday: I eat only roots and fruits. Then, I keep repeating it thoes days day after day. I have lost pretty much weight, but its seems i dont have that much power to kick harder and faster as i was doing before the diet. When im holding the diet, I absolutely dont eat no meat, no sweet stuff or grilled food, only boiled food. So could anyone give me an advice or help me out with this diet, I think that I mights string a little bit over on that diet, so it could mess up my health or I might not be able to box anymore and I dont want that to happen. All help is welcome. Buy the way, im holding this diet to get a better and faster sixpack, is that a good way?
you can't lift or box if you have no energy. You need to eat. And I don't think you will put on much muscle with the way you are eating.

I am cutting and I eat at least 6 times a day and I have still been losing weight. There is no reason to deprive yourself of food.
Im not the person to tell you to change your diet, but I recommend eating 6 healthy meals a day, ( chicken breasts, steamed vegtables, protein shakes. etc) and though it sounds like you will gain weight you will actully lose weight and pack on muscle if you are following a good excerise regimen along with this healthy diet. Also just keep drinking a shit load of water like 8 glasses a day. Im a personal trainer by the way, and i have seen some of the diets like yours. All depends on what your trying to achieve, like you said you are trying to get great abs, the best way for that is more healthy meals and more water intake. hope this works for you.
Dam man you wana get punched and be KO right away . U are fucking up your body i see u dont even take any vitamins or minerals so where you getting these from ? . Like said above 6 small meals a day keep them small and clean main thing is to keep carbs for 4 of them and no carbs in last 2 meals . Nuts are fine as snacks as thay are healthy essential fats u want to avoid saturated fats and sugars . Buy a nice big tub of whey protein make dont matter just make sure its carbelss and sugarless keep u from being hungry and not adding weight u want to maintain what u do have . One rule to do this is

U are 76kg now that is 166 pounds now u need 166 grams of protein a day that meens u want to aim for around 30 grams of protein per meal .

1 chicken breast is a bout 30 grams as is a way protein shake .

Stay away from red meats and for carbs keep them simple . Popatoe boiled and oats nothing better i think
Wow, Thank you all for helping me out with this, couldnt get any better feedback like this. I will start my new diet right away with this new day. Damn, so thats why, I didnt win my last championship!! didnt had enough power, to kick the apponents ass. I will copy this all into a note, so if i would forget something or the post would be deleted.
Big thanks for everyone.