Soft Heavy Bag


Sep 28, 2005
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I bought a heavy bag a couple of months ago, and have been belting it every day.
Now it has gone soft, progressively softer as the top of the bag is approached.
I want to fill it and harden it up, any suggestions of what to do?

I have heard wet newspaper, shreds of material or sand is good.
Will sand just sink to the bottom and make it worse?
Is wet newspaper just good for bitches with girl hands?

What do you think is the best option?

I've heard chicken feed works fairly well.
Just going on what I've heard.

Here are alternatives:

Put some sand in a trash bag and roll it into a ball. Use a few trash bags to make it extra strong. Put the sand bag at the bottom of the heavy bag and fill with shredded clothes. You can line the inside of the heavy bag with foam or carpet to make it smooth and not lumpy.

How the bag is filled is vitally important. There are basically 3 types of bag filling, which also helps determine the weight. Regular-filled bags consist of a 1" closed-cell foam liner and shredded fiber filling. These bags are solid to the punch and hold their shape well. Soft-filled bags feature a softer 2" foam liner that is easier on the hands and joints. It has slightly more "give" than a regular-filled bag.

The third option is a water-filled bags which are constructed of a heavy-duty, nylon-reinforced vinyl material that offers a unique feel and performance. These bags can be obtained with or without an additional foam liner, which provides a more uniform feel, but both give an extraordinary workout. The water-filling is easy on the hands and joints and helps to protect against injuries. The other choice would be a freestanding Heavy Bag. This unit offers not only unique movement and variety to a routine, but is the ideal alternative to mounting a bag with a wall mount hanger or ceiling mount hanger. Sturdy rafters or joints are not always available to use.

I just had an idea, how about a 1" closed-cell foam lined bag filled with ball bearings.

Hey Superbeast, that water filled bag sounds awesome, checked google; there are many on the market, do you know which is best? cheers for the info.
Water filled bags can be hell trying to fill. I bought one. It didn't work out. I had to clean up a shitload of water after I gave it a hard kick.

Ball bearings? You'll likely end up breaking your hands.
deathfactor said:
I just had an idea, how about a 1" closed-cell foam lined bag filled with ball bearings.

The bag will be way too heavy to support in a residence.