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so....who's next for Kos?


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Jan 19, 2012
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lol, almost every name fighter at WW is booked right now...

-Stun Gun

I can see Pierce asking for a rematch no one wants to see. Why not fighting Shields? Shields wanted to drop again to WW for some reason.

Also, PYLE deserves a name fighter next, I'd hate to see him get out fucked and wrestled (lol) by Kos but he deserves a chance still.

Edit : Kampmann makes sense, courtesy of D.R.H.
How about Kampmann?
Damn how could I forget about him? Good call my friend

When I didn't see him on the list I was wondering he was out for a while and I missed it.
Should have been Diaz but Kampmann sounds good also.
Kos wants to fight soon so I dont think Kampmann will be an option right now but its definitely the fight that makes the most sense.

Like someone else said I think Hathaway will get the next crack at him.
He should move to MW since there's nowhere for him to go at WW as long as GSP is champion.

If he is going to stay at WW, don't risk having contenders lose to him. Let him have "fun fights" or test up and comers.
I say that he should fight Matt Brown. Brown is coming off the biggest win of his career and has a nice streak going and Koscheck wants to stay active. Kos should win and then someone like Rory/Diaz/Condit should be free to fight.
When I didn't see him on the list I was wondering he was out for a while and I missed it.

Kampmann is a viable option but he will just get wrestle fucked by Kos imo..
How about the winner of Marquardt and Saffiedine? They fight in less than a month and if one of them comes out in relatively good shape they could easily turnaround and fight again in March/April timeframe.