So, what do you guys know about Lucas Martins?

Likes to finish fights and only has one UD on his record if memory serves me right. Youtube him, you will be impressed!
He won his last fight by switch kick knockout. He has been fighting for only 16 months and already has 11 fights and he went 9-0 in 2012. I have a gif of the KO but my phone is messed up and I can't post it for some reason. He has also finished all but 1 of his wins. I'm very happy to see him in the UFC, after his last win I predicted that he would get signed in 2013
I'm excited looks like we will a fun fight.
He's news to me too.

But I'm sure the fightfinder PhD's will answer it.
not alot dude lol
where can one venture to see his fights?
I know he's going to have a limp the day after the fight.
Regardless of his record he is fighting who was once the biggest prodigy in LW division a few months back. Barboza is a tough fight for anyone especially after being tooled by Varner
Hard debut, but Mineiro is a killer! He really shows the killer-instinct associated with the Chute-box team, and he has only been in MMA for 15 months! 9-0 in 2012 alone. Here is a highlight I found on youtube, its 8 months old so it doesn't show his most recent fights. Some of these might not be MMA fights, but I can't find a kickboxing or muay thai record for him, so not sure about the ones with standing count.

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Here is a video of the switch kick KO! Its not the best quality and its only the KO and not the whole fight. KO at 1:08

What a tough debut, but clearly this guys got skills. Thanks for the yt vids, was searching Lucas Martins and couldn't find shit. I bet this fight will be at least top 3 of the night.
I didn't know much until a thread I saw on him a couple of days ago and found a highlight video.

I'm not sure of the calibre of fighters he fought last yr, however regardless of that, 9-0 in a yr is impressive.

Very, very tough debut.

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