So, now that Diego-Gil is over...

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by DennysGrandSlam, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. DennysGrandSlam

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    Jul 30, 2013
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    Like most thought, Gil beat Diego with effective striking technique. However, Diego dropped Gil and almost finished him. I think we can agree it was more competitive than some would think. Diego also got what, 2 takedowns? I know he got his back at least twice.

    Where do you think this puts Diego? He's obviously never going to be champ unless he goes through a huge style change, however he hung with Gil. We know he can hang with anybody, but he also almost finished him in perhaps the most exciting fight of the year. Perhaps the fight of the year. Definitely a candidate. df

    What's up for Diego next? A fringe top ten fight again? A low top ten opponent? Do you think he can beat some guys in the top ten?

    Also, 30-27 my ass.
  2. Riki Newton

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    Jul 27, 2010
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    Fringe top 10 sounds good to me. The likes of Evan Dunham or Cerrone maybe
  3. MJS_UFC

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    Diego is an entertaining fighter, but he fights stupid and at his age he cannot fight much longer if he gets his face bashed in every fight.

    He needs to get smarter, not crazier. I don't think he can be changed though.

    He will likely remain a great gate keeper and FOTN candidate for the foreseeable future.

    A fight with Miller or Cerrone would be a logical next step.
  4. cade187

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    May 24, 2008
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    Reppin' the 902
    I think a lot of people were expecting it to be a war with Gil coming out on top, which is what happened tonight. The fight went pretty much exactly as I expected it too, but most people were calling for it to be FOTN.

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