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So my tkd students are at it again.


Kia kaha e hine!
Nov 30, 2002
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I have a new student who is an older guy, he's a black guy from somewhere in the Caribbeans and is a professional dancer, we were talking and he told how he trained muay thai in France when he was younger and how much fun it was, he wasn't any good or anything it was just fun. So I decided we do a muay-thaish kind of practice one day. So here's the vid of us sparring, it's my beginner and intermediate class.


BTW the little guy with the shoes in the first pair has the aspergers syndrome, which is a form of autism.

Anyways the vid was not initially the purpose of the thread, I just decided to post it when I was writing this: I'm planning on producing more tutorials in the next future, one is the double/airswitch kick (the one that shogun did vs rampage, but better:icon_chee) and one about principles of footwork. If someone has any other suggestions let me know.
that older guy looks pretty decent you can tell he has trained MT.
that older guy looks pretty decent you can tell he has trained MT.

Yea i really enjoyed watching him, Im trying to train my kicks from karate style to thai I like the angles in this vid good learning tool.
Are you the guy that released the Athens Olympics TKD highlight video??

That was sick man!