So, I'm sitting here fondling my parineum and.....



...and the focking light bulb above my desk EXPLODES and scares the shit out of me . I accidentally jerk my hand up, causing my body to lock out in siezures, forcing me to the floor where I shudder uncontrollably for a while, frothing at the mouth....then, ejaculate.

How weird is THAT?
Hi Ranger!

What a wonderful description of an out of body experience! Have you seen any dead people?
bwahahahahahah! thread has hot chicks on it though...go check it out;)
Hey TGR74 you have that pic of LSG? You should send it to me:)
Lay off the "computer duster" Ranger! That shit fucked me up too!!
This happened to me one time. The only difference was my computer screen blew out just prior to ejaculation. When the dust and glass settled I came to realize that during my excitement I inadvertantly slipped my big toe into the wall outlet as was evidenced by the painfull burn on it. This apparently caused a power surge wich in turn destroyed the screen. It also gave me a raging cum. Ranger, you should check your toes for burns. Just a thought.
Could you say that a little slower with some heavy breathing?
I have a 1 800 number if you have some free time :)
Its for my job but it sure comes in handy sometimes!