So Im going to a Xande Ribeiro seminar


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Jan 14, 2004
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Alright so Im going to a Xande Ribeiro seminar, Im just curious if he offers a chance to ask questions, are there any things he does particularly well that I should ask for some pointers on?
ask him to show you his favorite sweep from closed guard. Him and his brother do the same sweep on alot of people.

Same sweep he highlights in the Art Suave bjj dvd
He's also really gifted at passing the guard. I would take the opportunity to have him show you some of his bread & butter passes.
Alright thanks guys, Ive heard tons about him but have never seen him in action, thanks for the tips! Sounds like some good stuff to know.
xande will show you some good stuff and it'll be a good time. he is a really cool guy and he knows his shit what more can you ask for?
he was out here a few months back. we were watching a bushido at our instructos house and next thing you know xande had a push up contest going. it was a riot.
Xande (and Saulo) is my BJJ instructor. He is a very cool guy. You can ask him anything and he will show you.

When and where is the seminar?

Lucky bastard. However I will be enjoying a full week with Marcel Garcia soon. :)
The seminar is at Pacific Martial Arts in Fresno California on the 21st. I am very excited, and cant wait to meet him. Im glad all you guys had a great time while meeting him or even being instructed by him. And yeah Marcelo Garcia? That would be awesome as well have fun jamison.
The seminar turned out great. It ended up lasting from 9 AM til about 2:30. He spent the first half of the class covering closed guard sweeps, and transitions into Omplatas. The second half he spent teaching us his "bread and butter" guard pass. He did a really good job teaching us basics and how to tackle different situations that I think are easily implementable into anyones game.

Afterwards he answered questions from subjects like practice habits to other greats that he has competed against. Very good.