So I decided to buy myself Century gloves


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Oct 5, 2005
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heres a little background.

I have been training for a little over a year. I train mostly striking. I do lots and lots of heavy bag work. When i first started i stopped by Modells Sporting Goods here in NY and picked up some bag gloves for $30. They are weighted but are pretty thin with just enough padding around the knuckles. Up until now they have been fine but i have out grown them.

So i decided to pick up some mma style gloves . I go to sports authority and pick up the century gloves for like 40$. They seemed like the nicest gloves i could fing at any retail stores for bag work. Leather , decent padding, pretty good comfort.

I took them to the gym right after and used them. By the time i got home i realized that i had already destroyed the gloves. The stiching is coming apart and there are some rips and cracks forming on the glove. The next day i go to the gym and put on the gloves again. I hit the bag about 3 times and i notice that my hands are in alot of pain. I look closely and the sides of my hands are all red from rubbing of the leather, my skin between some of my fingers is red and a little bloody, and my knuckles are extremely sensitive because of the pain. I had to stop training because i couldn't take it.

I have to admit, i hit very fast and very hard, but these have to be the worst gloves ever!!!!!!

What should i get as far as bag gloves. I don't want anything the size of boxing gloves, just something that will protect my hands and take a beating

Cliffs: Century MMA Glove= shit :mad:
I've got a set of harbingers and a set of twins that have held up well. Tha harbingers are nice just to throw on, but they don't fit with wraps on. The twins do fit with wraps.
I guess it depends on what you're looking for..
i only wear wraps occasionally, but i'd rather have gloves that don't require them. just something that can take a hard punch without hurting my hand.
Well lol I have tried, Ouano's, Century's, and Pride Gloves and they all do that because of the way they fit and the shitty amount of padding. I then started using 16 Ounce Boxing Gloves and haven't looked back for heavy bag work. My knuckles love me now!
i've seen a lot of your posts phenom and you seem like a very knowledgeable guy. I think i'll have to take your advice. Any boxing gloves you recommend that arn't too expensive?. (i'm still in college and don't have much money)
If you're going to do any heavy bag work or striking a bag on the ground you need to wrap your hands and wear boxing gloves. Anything else will lead to injury. That said go with a 16oz glove that has a velcro closure as lacing is hard to do by oneself. Fairtex makes some nice but pricey gloves. I prefer leather to vinyl as it seems more rugged and less apt ot tear. Title also has decent cheap gloves. or Both are cheap, excellent quality, awesome customer service. You can't go wrong with either one. Ron from SSFGear posts here all the time and I am sure would be more than glad to help you out. Get 16 Oz. ones with the velcros closure and get some boxing handwraps, they are like 5 bucks for a pair and you can use them over and over again, Ive had mine going on 2 1/2 years and they are comfortable. MMA gloves just don't really cut it for heavy bag work for us bigger guys who really hammer the bag. Hope that helps.
What's up party people!

I was told that there's a HUGE differnce between bag gloves and sparring gloves. I killed my VUT (like Twins) sparring gloves when I was hitting the heavy bag and ended up hurting my right hand for a bit.

Sparring gloves are made to protect your opponent, hand and are much softer. Bag gloves are made to protect your hand.

I used Ringside bag gloves 12oz, but soon moved up to 16oz gloves cuz they gave more of a work out.. i'm not a big guy (5'7, 160lbs) - so 16oz was plenty for me. Ringside quality is very good and have only heard great reviews from friends



btw, never spar with bag gloves - you will end up hurting your opponent

this has been KFC-Killa's 2 cents.


wrapping your hands properly will help LIKE CRAZY. don't punch bags without wrapping your hands
I guess I punch like a wuss because I've never had my gloves come apart like that. I've had some Century Bag gloves for a long time and didnt have any trouble.
here is my 2 cents century sucks they have the worst service i have ever seen they tried to burn me on a streching machine but what i have learned is spend the little extra on fairtex yes it sometimes takes a couple of weeks to get the product but when you get it it will last forever and if they say they have to order it ask if they have it in another color and they usually do but i g othat route now and havent had any problems with my gear........
Get some Harbingers. Solid padding and construction that allows you to throw hard punches.
Superbeast said:
Get some Harbingers. Solid padding and construction that allows you to throw hard punches.

I use all their products for the gym; weight lifting gloves, straps and belts. They have the best quality of products. Not supprising to hear the same for their bag gloves.
I used to use Century gloves on the heavy bag until I started hitting harder. They never fell apart though - my wrists and knuckles started hurting. I switched to 14 oz. boxing gloves and WRAP my hands also. No problems now.
i have some century gloves. the sides ripped on both of them and the leather inside ripped the skin off 2 of my knuckles.
i have the century mma bag gloves- the one that come in weird colours like grey and orange. i have them in blue- I wear wraps under mine for extra support. ive had no problem with them falling apart or nothing- and i use them for the bag and the floor bag

dude get harbingers
got some of the century mma gloves today.. after trying them on, some of the stitching is coming apart near the fingers

will probably keep them anyway, but a shame i didnt see this post before =/
I use the Leather MMA style ones for bag work. They seem durable enough and are holding up well. I wrap my hands first.
Honestly guys - dont use MMA gloves for bag work. They will NEVER hold up as well, or more importantly protect your hand as well, as a real heavy bag glove. If you have to go cheap go for a good midrange model (like the Contender SBG from Ringside) but dont go to those oldschool mittens. The 20 bucks you save is practically nothing considering a bad break or bruise is not something you want.
Fairtex Super Bag gloves w/ no wraps size medium.