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Oct 29, 2008
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I'm not taking away from the onslaught that Cain put on tonight, Cain whooped JDS's ass. Full on ass whooping. I honestly thought JDS was gonna KO Cain, hell I thought the side ref was gonna KO Cain when he wiped him down before he entered the cage. Well we all witnessed that ass-whoopin'.

I think there was something more significant than Cain Diaz'ing JDS, (I say Diaz'ing, it's a general term, don't mind the takedowns) I think Cain BLEW JDS's FUCKING MIND when after the third or fourth time he landed a solid shot Cain didn't we all expected....or I expected...I assume we all think alike. Anyway, I think JDS spent 25 minutes going in the meantime took a beating.

I didn't read the Fedor would beat Cain and JDS in one night thread but the title makes me smile.
jds ppbably embraced the living legend moniker a bit much

I don't think it's that. I think it's the fact the he, and everybody else just KNEW Cain has a glass chin.

It's weird. His chin has like a saving throw or something. It's glass, but if he rolls a 20, he'll wake up instantly with his opponents leg in his arms.