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So about these judges


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Sep 4, 2012
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I have been thinking about it quite a bit lately and I have to wonder...

Do you guys think that these judges sometimes purposely give the wrong guy the decision to stir up controversy because for as far as I know they arent getting penalized for their disgraceful scores

For example, Who could possibly give Melvin Guillard a 30-27 victory over Jamie Varner or Anybody give Ryan Couture that fight against KJ or Leonard the win over Nam Phan the first time.

I honestly believe that you could take any random person off the street and have them judge these fights and give better decisions.

So you guys give me your opinions on the topic.
They know they can screw up as many times as they want and they'll still keep their jobs, so why would it matter if they get the right or wrong decisions? they still get paid no matter what.

edit: get rid of them altogether and make all decisions into Draws.

problem solved.
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If all decisions were draws then it would be just like UFC in 93