Small victories

King Creatine

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Oct 21, 2006
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My hands are blistered from tapping out as many times as I did tonight. It was one of those "I still have a lot to learn" days. It's a damn good thing I'm an optimist because I found a bright side! :D

I may have "lost" to every guy I rolled with (except for a newbie, but that doesn't count :icon_conf), but I found subtle improvements in my game.

Despite losing, I was able to get mount using a newly learned technique from side control for the first time. I was also able to defend several submissions by actually using appropriate technique rather than muscle.

Anybody else able to re-frame potentially negative days like this?
Ya. Hell, I still have (very bad) days where I lose to every person in the gym - even the white belts - at the end of the last practice. It happens. Usually it can be a sign of over-training, but it also helps you improve. You will be caught more when you train harder and experiment more. It is going to happen. You are right - the trick is just re-framing the experience as a positive. Focusing on the negatives doesn't help anyone. As long as you did something right, improvement no matter how small, that's what's important.