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Jan 15, 2010
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Slipping for boxing and muay thai are probably going to be slightly different....

Any good sources for a beginner for muay thai?

Cheers as always :)
The main difference is to be more flexible in the hips because you don't want to pivot on your lead leg, exposing the back of your leg to kicks.

You also have to be ready to fade / snap back from kicks, because a slip from a jab doesn't get your head out of the way of a shin kick, at all.
Thanks SummerStriker...

So in your opinion, practising the boxing slip bag drills are not helpful?

I find myself eating a lot of punches in our muay thai hands only boxing sparring sessions....full muay thai sparring is different....

Maybe my hands are also not up as much as they should be...

I just want to improve my defense in all facets of the striking game...

I don't know. There are various opinions on it. You can take some solace in the fact that time you don't spend on head movement can be spent on something else.

I believe in very conservative head movement. Slips inside the width of your feet and snapping the head back from kicks is about it. The only reason to duck or bob and weave is to counter, and I've literally kicked more people in the face on accident because they ducked into a body kick, than people who have really countered me with a duck. It isn't in MT much for a reason.

But I still use a slip bag. I'm just conservative with it.
I would never ''duck under'' or ''dip low'' for that reason in MT.
If you dip low your legs are easy target for kicks, your head is an easier target for shins and dangerously close to elbow striking range.

To me slipping in MT is possible but you do it in a complete other fashion.
You do it by stepping on the sides.

It 's also a good time to pivot liver kick your opponent.
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