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Oct 13, 2004
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I'm not that great at skipping, not fitness wise, i think its more of a technique problem

Can anyone recommend the right way to skip for boxing/kickboxing ?
Practice, practice, practice. Then after your fitness is better watch any pro training by googling videos or watching hl's and try to mimick them. Stick with it, skipping used to frustrate the hell out of me, then I got better, and now that I can change pace, and add in different footwork it's my favorite cardio exercise.
all you can do is practice unfortunately. theres no secret on how to be able to skip, you just gotta get yourself out there and keep trying. I still find it quite hard, but since I started Muay Thai a few months back I have really improved in skipping
Like the other posters said. To learn how to skip rope - skip rope!
try skipping on 1 leg but that gets tiring on that 1 leg after 10 jumps, then skip on the other and try mixing it up, skip on both legs jumping simeltanious,
are you talking about jump roping or foot work?

if jump rope, u just have to mimic. comfortability is the most important to do any technique. the most i can do is "sprints" so i'm not good yet, but hwat i can do i can do very comfortably.
Skipping is all about timing & co-ordination. Success is persistence.

Get a decent skipping rope leather with handles and bearings preferrably. Stay on the balls of your feet and swing the rope with your wrists not your arms. Dont look at your feet - look up. Get into a rhythm and experiment with skipping styles - either both feet together or shifting your weight from left to right - almost like stationary jogging.

Skip for a set time or set a target of skips.
keep your feet really close together and take as small a jump as you can. The bigger the jump the harder it is to get the timing right...Once you get that down alternate 1 foot then the next, which to me is now the easiest way to do it...i still can't do a crossover though...