side stance success in kb


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Jan 8, 2009
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As a rule of thumb your usually taught to standmore square in mt/kickboxing due to kicks. I've bene training in kickboxing for a few years now,but for the past 3 months or so I've been ata all boxing gym and they've really improved my hands but a downfall is my stance is considerably more boxing orientated and after coming back and sparring with kickboxer I've obviously now have been getting leg kicked a lot more then before.
Sucks because I feel like I can box way more fluent in a side stance then square but my love is for the art of kickboxing because I've been doing that for a bit longer.

My question is has anyone actually had success with a boxing stance or even a bit more sidways in muay thai? If so what do you do differently and if anyone has a video of any pros that stand more of a boxer and are successful that'd help a lot.

Obviously checking would be out of the picture in a side stance,correct? How else would yous defend kicks?

Like I said I'm really just experimenting with using my hands more so all help would be great. Thank you
You can teep faster from a side stance than normal. Try countering the round kick with a teep.
I use this stance. First I did boxing, then TKD, and while TKD has a few stances, some are side on and I tend to use these more. Basically a bastardized boxing stance. While im no way near a great fighter, it works for me. Like someone said, teeps are faster off of the front leg, and roundhouse kicks have more power.
The one thing I always wonder why people think they have to limit themselves to one stance. Your stance should be fluid, not static. It should change depending on your needs and wants for the given moment in time.

No one ever just stands one specific way an entire fight--well--no one that has the means not to. Some guys only know of one way...
Well to elaborate...with boxing for can have a more traditional stance on the outside using long range shots, but when going inside he may decide to use a crab stance.

In kickboxing and muay thai, we see different fighter's and their preferences. Yes--muay thai advocates a more square stance to be able to more readily use all 8 limbs, but some like to turn more bladed than others, some have a taller and more narrow stance and others yet have a wider and more square one. Some guards are higher and tighter, some are a bit lower and wider, sometimes the guard will drop completely.

In MMA, there's no limit to the types of stances you'll see. With the varying influences you'll have guys that are wrestlers who will be southpaw heavy front, and a middle guard. You'll have guys from karate like Machida who have a more upright mobile stance and a lower guard (which varies depending on spatial relation). You have guys who are more boxing in background and as such will have bladed stances and a tighter guard or perhaps looser guard.

You use the stance that best suits your fight at that moment. The stance is important because your defense and offense start with your stance...but you don't limit yourself to one if the venue you're in has a myriad of situations you might find yourself in.