Sick and match friday...


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Oct 12, 2005
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I have a high school wrestling match this friday and i dont feel good. Im going to the doctors tommarow. Like when i run or do like run up and down stairs i start coughing very badly like to the point where im about to throw up then it will stop and then i'll almost throw up like its coming out of my mouth and it just stops like constantly until i cool down. I think i have some kind of mucus in my mouth cause its been going on for about 2 weeks and i already went to the doctors once and they said its not strept throat. But past two days its gotten a lot worst. And its especially hard cause this is exam week and im coughing during the whole test and i disrupting the class.
Man that definately sucks...depending on what the doctor says will decide what you should do...if your really all that sick then you should stay away from the match because the las thing you want to do is cost your team 6 points becuase you are sick and you get beat...if you start feeling better and can last for the full duration of the match then gut it out and go for it
What you should do is fight!no matter what,i mean if your still really sick you can beat your compeditor,get sick on his granmothers face,touch his mothers boob(mabey a little fiddle with the hair on it) and walk away a champion of the people,man if i was there id cheer you on.Best of luck